Dr. María Nelly CAJIAO

Dr. María Nelly  CAJIAO

Councillor for Latin America



Dr. Cajiao, DMV, is specialized in veterinary clinical laboratory and pathology, MSc in Bioethics with emphasis in education and animal welfare. She is the Vice-president of the Colombian Veterinary Medicine Association - AMEVEC, and has been Vice President and currently Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Pan American Association of Veterinary Sciences - PANVET, within which she is the Director of the Working Group on Animal Health and Welfare.
She has extensive experience in teaching in university environments in undergraduate and postgraduate levels with experience in regular and virtual learning in veterinary medicine and recognition and trajectory as national and international consultant and lecturer in Animal Welfare, Ethology, Bioethics and Veterinary Education. Is co-author of articles, book chapters as well as Associate Editor of the book "Animal Welfare, a global vision in Iberoamerica".
She is member of the Advisory Committees of the National Department of Planning, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, guilds of production animals and the Official Veterinary Services of Colombia (Colombian Agricultural Institute, ICA) for the development of regulations on animal welfare. Currently she works in the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences of UNIAGRARIA University in Bogotá, Colombia.

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