Dr. Harutyun AVSAROGLU

Dr. Harutyun AVSAROGLU

Councillor for International Discipline-Centred Organisations

Saint Kitts, West Indies


Dr. Harut Avsaroglu graduated (DVM) from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University, The Netherlands in 1999. Following two years of private veterinary practice he returned to Utrecht University to pursue a PhD (2001-2004) on laboratory animal anesthesia. During this time, he was also locum veterinarian for the Central Laboratory Animal Institute (CLAI) at Utrecht University. In 2004, Dr. Avsaroglu became manager of veterinary affairs and started a residency in laboratory animal medicine at CLAI. In 2007, he completed the Post-Graduate Vocational Course on Laboratory Animal Science. From 2008, he was seconded as clinical veterinarian at the Animal Research Institute AMC (ARIA) in Amsterdam and at TNO Triskelion (2009-2011) in Zeist. Dr. Avsaroglu achieved board certification by the European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine in 2010. The following year he left CLAI and was employed as clinical veterinary manager at ARIA. In 2016, he joined Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (Ross), St Kitts, West Indies, as both Director of Animal Resources and Attending Veterinarian. Ross, accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association, is part of DeVry Education Group, which is one of the largest publicly held, international, higher educational organizations in North America. Dr. Avsaroglu provides leadership and oversight of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Program at Ross and currently leads and manages the full accreditation process for the Association of Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALACi). He also contributes to the DVM/postgraduate teaching program in the areas of laboratory animal medicine and science and participates in individual and collaborative research under the One Health research centers at Ross.
Dr Avsaroglu’s vision as WVA Councillor focuses on promoting animal welfare, enabling One Health approaches to address emerging zoonotic diseases and incorporating quality management in veterinary working environments. Dr. Avsaroglu’s strengths lie in his networking capabilities being rooted in Europe as well as now being well-positioned in veterinary academia in the Americas. His background in laboratory animal medicine provides him with a multidisciplinary versatility in both research and veterinary education.

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