Councillor for Europe



Dr Ólafur Oddgeirsson is a veterinary public health expert. He was born in Iceland, graduated from the veterinary university in Hannover, Germany in 1977 and finished his post graduate training in 1980 from the same university on food safety topics. He worked as a director for a dairy laboratory for ten years; then he was senior veterinary officer at the EFTA Surveillance Authority for seven years with responsibility for verifying the implementation and application of the EU veterinary legislation in the EFTA States, Norway and Iceland, carrying out regular assessments of food establishments. He then worked extensively as international consultant, providing assessments of veterinary systems in EU Candidate Countries, covering both official supervision and industry controls. He regularly lectures on public health, animal health, zoonotic diseases in particular regarding EU legislation and SPS standards.
In recent years Dr Oddgeirsson has worked on several key projects, including: a) Strengthening Food Safety Systems through SPS measures in ACP countries, where he was responsible for official controls (inspections and audits) and laboratory support for the Caribbean and Pacific regions; b) Improved Food Chain Information (FCI) and Collection and Communication of Inspection Results (CCIR) for the UK Food Standards Agency; c) Analysis of the costs and benefits of setting a target for the reduction of Salmonella in pigs (3 separate projects) for DG SANCO of the European Commission, and; d) approximation of EU and RF legislation in the Russian Federation, delivering lectures on EU veterinary public health and food safety (official and industry), auditing of establishments (structures, pre-requisites and HACCP), laboratories and import regimes.
Dr Oddgeirsson has served as the president of the Icelandic Veterinary Association and been the national editor for Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica. He has worked for the Icelandic Government on a number of occasions, providing advice on food and animal health topics.

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