Dr. Clive  MARWICK

Councillor for Africa

South Africa


After qualifying in 1972 Dr. Marwick spent a year in State Veterinary Service before starting a private practice specializing and developing Herd Health programs specifically adaptable to Southern African conditions. During this period, he was also very active in Embryo Transfer programs.
During this time, as private veterinary practitioner Clive was involved in many activities engaging veterinarians, clients, farmers and the community in general. To highlight but a few of his achievements he was passionate about Animal Welfare and implemented the first Kennel Health program for the South African Police Services, was a guest lecturer at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty, Chairperson and one of the founders of the Rural Practitioners Group of the (SAVA) South African Veterinary Association, an elected member of the Federal council of the SAVA, served on the executive committee and then elected President of the SAVA.
Dr Marwick served on the SAVC as a counselor, chairperson of the Finance committee, the executive committee and at present serves as President of the SAVC which is the Statutory Body for South African Veterinarians.
Clive was the founder and Chairperson of the Animal Health Forum, Eastern Free State Friesland Club, Embryo Transfer Group and many more community engagement activities.
Clive has served on the Local Town Council on the Financial committee, Infrastructure committee, Oversight Committee and Housing committee.
Dr Marwick has also served as a past councilor on the WVA as the African representative and was involved in the rewriting of the Constitutions of the WVA and the WVC, he also served on the Financial committee.
Dr Marwick has also been the recipient of many prestigious awards amongst them been the Ricky Wilson award for service to Rural Veterinarians and the Presidents Award from the SAVA for service to the Veterinary profession of South Africa.

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