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Chemin des capelles, 23 BP 87614

31076 Toulouse France


Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse (ENVT)

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EAEVE European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education
RCVS Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

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The National Veterinary College of Toulouse is not only a teaching and research establishment. It is also a working veterinary hospital which is open to the public. In addition, it has a role as a "food safety" centre at national level. The college widely supports international relationships and contributes, among other domains, to the education of European veterinary students and welcomes numerous foreign students. With 120,000 students , 3 universities , colleges and institutes Toulouse is the second university town in France. Among these establishments the National Veterinary College (ENVT) is one of the best known. It's public reputation results from work done and the identity linked to its fields of activity. The animal is the identification and totemic element of a veterinary establishment. One of the strengths of the ENVT is to care scientifically and professionally for animals, whether it concerns pets , sports animals, large animals either for food production or for rural management and in very varied environments, rural, urban and natural. It also exists to answer a wide range of demands coming from economic sectors and society itself. Theoretical and practical teaching as well as fundamental and applied research have been developed in many fields : biology, clinical science, hygiene and the science of animal domestication and breeding. A professional objective is essential offering a wide range of activity in animal health of course thanks to clinical science and biotechnology, as well as public health, that is to say everything that appreciates the animal, its production and environment contributing to improve human health and welfare, breeding and the food industry. The ENVT is well established in the city and the surrounding region, the Grand Sud Ouest. It has formed the identity of the establishment where all the cultural values like sports values, open-mindedness, adaptability, and independence of mind can be found. Strong connections and roots are found in modernity, scientific action and international relationship as well as a deep attachment to rural society and land, the economic areas where the veterinarian plays a key role. Moreover some of the veterinary professional structures in the south west are among the most dynamic in the country. Our ambition is to respond to the economic and scientific challenge in order to geographically position the university . This is a collective enterprise that the ENVT shares with other university establishments that are partners among regional groups like Agromip, the Midi-Pyrénées Education and Research Establishments Group dealing with technologic, economic and the social future of agriculture. This dynamic is linked to conviviality for which the ENVT has always been a leader. These common values and shared objectives lead to professional and scientific partnerships essential in education.