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Via Celoria 10

20133 Milano Italy


Università di Milano, Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria

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EAEVE European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education
RCVS Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

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Ours is one of the oldest school dedicated to the study of diseases of animals and their breeding. It was founded in 1791 under the name "Minor Veterinary School for the education of a special class of blacksmiths who were able to perform minor surgery and treat the most common diseases of the horse, cattle and sheep. Currently, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Milan, offers a comprehensive educational and updated constantly linked to professional realities and needs of the territory. Next to the Master degree course in one cycle in Veterinary Medicine are in tier three three-year Degree (Biotechnology veterinarians, farmers and animal welfare and production technologies and product quality) and 2 teacher training degree Biennials (Biotechnological Sciences and Veterinary Sciences Farm Power and Technology and Animal Production). The courses offered are complete with numerous post-graduate specialization courses and two PhD research. The Faculty is currently structured into four departments, is located in Città Studi, in the north east of Milan. There has recently been equipped with a modern Veterinary Hospital and an Experimental Learning Livestock Center in Lodi. Alongside these structures are expected to complete transfer of the faculty in the coming years. The Faculty has always been animated by a strong commitment in the field of biomedical research and clinical cutting edge, has a vast network of links with prestigious foreign research institutions and different countries in the developing world, reflecting his constant engagement in various social, economic and health in national and international. Deserves particular mention its impressive and ancient Library, containing over 40,000 volumes, many of which derived from the legacies of his illustrious teachers such as Prof. Sertoli, Prof. Lanzillotta, Prof. buonsanti, Prof. Stazzi and many others.