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Castelo Viegas Portugal

Escola Universitária Vasco da Gama, Coimbra

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Degrees: Bachelor of Veterinary Science Master in Veterinary Medicine Carta de curso de licenciatura em medicina veterin├íria Recognition status: EAEVE Website: Association Cognitive S. Jorge Milreu, nonprofit institution, was established in 1997 and intended for artistic training and education, science and culture. From this perspective early on began the process of creating an institution of higher education, which culminated in the recognition of public interest and the consequent establishment of the University School Vasco da Gama, whose operation began in academic year 2000/2001. Parallel mechanisms have been undertaken to develop vocational training activities, starting in 2000. FACILITIES - MONASTERY S. JORGE Milreu The last of the Monastery of St. Jorge is located in the parish of Castelo Viegas, the Municipality of Coimbra, about 5 km from downtown Coimbra. The property with 39 ha, has 23 ha of forest and pine forest, 14 ha of irrigated land and a portion between those two, arranged in terraces where the Rolex building Mosteiro.Segundo Nogueira da Silva, the Monastery of St. Jorge was founded in the twelfth century. In 1999, when the monastery was purchased to become established on the future University School Vasco da Gama, the ruin was total.Em 2002 by Decree No. 5 / 2002 of 19 February the Monastery of St. George was classified as a building public interest. The facilities of the School, the old monastery of St. George Milreu located in the Municipality of Coimbra, have undergone a process of architectural intervention that aimed at not only the return of the building in an advanced state of degradation, and their adaptation to the operation establishment of a university education. The existence of two bodies attached to the main building of the monastery, with little architectural interest and in very bad condition, enabled the construction of spaces more demanding, such as laboratories, to support education and research as well as the Clinical Veterinary large and small animals - with emphasis on the latter - which supports both the teaching of Veterinary Medicine, through the experience of veterinary practice for attendance at classes or the community. Read more ...