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Lisboa Portugal

Universidade Lus├│fona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Lisboa

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EAEVE European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education
RCVS Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Degrees: Bachelor of Veterinary Science Master in Veterinary Medicine Carta de curso de licenciatura em medicina veterinária Recognition status: EAEVE,RCVS Website: The Veterinary Medicine at the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies (ULHT) is included as the special integrated cycle of studies leading to the degree of Master of Veterinary Medicine in accordance with national and EU legislation. Studies in Veterinary Medicine have been approved under the Order No. 1107/2004 of 7 September and appropriate to the requirements of the Bologna agreements in 2007. The curriculum structure of the undergraduate and integrated Master of Veterinary Medicine is designed so as to comply with EU Directives and to the criteria of rating European Union (EU Directives 78/1026/EEC, 78/1027/EEC, 81/1057/EEC, 2005/36/EC and Decision 78/1028/EEC). Studies in Veterinary Medicine ULHT comprise 11 semesters over 2 cycles. At the 1st Cycle of Studies, 6 semesters correspond to the allocation of a total of 180 credits (ECTS) and the mandatory appointment of Bachelor of Veterinary Science Basic. The 2nd course of the MSc in Veterinary Medicine, leading to the degree of Master of Veterinary Medicine, match 5 semesters with a total of 150 credits (ECTS) compulsory. The objectives of the Bachelor of Veterinary Science Basic -1 cycle of the MSc in Veterinary Medicine, are to provide an adequate theoretical and practical knowledge of basic veterinary sciences. The curriculum that is comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to prepare students in the various possible paths of their careers and includes key disciplines that enable future graduates, contributing to the nutrition and livestock keeping health and animal welfare, protection public health and diseases transmitted from animals through food, ensuring the health and safety and quality control of foodstuffs of animal origin destined for human consumption. The main outputs of the professional degree in Veterinary Science Basic can be summarized as: corporate livestock production and animal breeding, animal nutrition business, production of food and feed, production companies, manufacturing , distribution or marketing of products of animal origin for human consumption in the health, safety and food quality control and manufacturing technology products of animal origin. Continuation of studies 2nd cycle as Master in Veterinary Medicine leading to the assignment of valence required for the exercise of Veterinary Medicine, according to the requirements of national and EU legislation. Read more ...