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Skopje Republic of Macedonia

St. Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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EAEVE European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education

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Degree: Doktor Veterinarske Medicine (DVM) Recognition status: EAEVE Website: Veterinary Faculty - Skopje was established in 1991/1992 academic year, aimed at the Agricultural Faculty of the Decision of a XI in 1991, issued by the Ministry of Edu. With this solution, Agriculture fakultat was obligated to start teaching the 6th XI in 1991 with studies on first and second year students returned from other veterinary faculties of the former SFR Yugoslavia. On 30 I 1993, Academic Scientific Council of Faculty of Agriculture - Skopje decide on allocating the direction of veterinary studies in separate Veterinary faculty laboratories. For practical teaching of students are available four laboratories (Laboratory of Chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathophysiology, laboratory radiobiology; Laboratory of Microbiology, Parasitology Laboratory), 2 halls section (center section of anatomy of the animals and room sections in pathological morphology), microscopic classroom and clinical courses for gym and clinic for pets and surgery. Laboratories and vezhbalnite are equipped with modern technical and technological equipment with modern performance. Computer Classroom School has a computer classroom and within the library with 15 new computers with permanent internet connection, and access to CLIVE database. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, by implementing a Tempus project CDJEP-15017-2000 "Improvement of veterinary education in the Republic. Macedonia became an associated member of the CLIVE consortium. This School gained the ability to use computer educational programs issued by the consortium in their curricula. Contact: Lazar Pop Trajkov 5-6 Skopje Macedonia 1000 Macedonia Tel: + 389 2 3240 700 Read more ...