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Tayfur Sökmen Kampusu

31040 Antakya-Hatay Turkey


University of Mustafa Kemal, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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EAEVE European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education

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Mustafa Kemal University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, education and animal health, food hygiene and consequently the public health issues of accumulation of knowledge and in such matters solutions to problems that can produce veterinarians to educate aims. This is aimed at national and international level initiatives, the latest technological developments in our area are working to bring our faculty. Academic staff in the region with our projects and the problems of livestock diseases in our efforts to produce solutions that an organization takes. Students and teaching staff of our knowledge base increases and other countries and cultural relations sustain the Socrates-Erasmus program in the framework of the program of the member states, some veterinary colleges and made the existing agreements continue to ensure the new arrangements for the initiatives to continue. Vision Atatürk's principles and democratic requirements in the light of modern education requires knowledge and skill that came advances in parallel updating can provide, nationally and internationally sought highly qualified individuals, training, innovations followed, the information not hesitate to share, sharing, entering into the willingness and cooperation in the success of a signature at the primitive and a lot about education and training institutions to become a leader. Mission Well-equipped in terms of knowledge and skills, and team leaders have embraced the concept, environment, society and ethical values, respect, creative individuals to grow. * Contemporary and innovative ways for students accepted at international level will gain knowledge and skills to provide education and training programs. * Science and technology in national and international level to contribute, to do research on this issue and to support faculty research will be done. * Performing scientific projects of national and international stakeholders.