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Potehin str. 16

03127 Kiev Ukraine


National University of Life and Environmental Sciences, Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Quality and Safety of Animal Products

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EAEVE European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education

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The National Agricultural University is a leading institution of higher education in Ukraine. The history of it begins with the date of foundation of the Department of Agriculture within the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI) structure, which transformed into the Faculty of Agricultural faculty in 1918. Kyiv Agricultural Institute was created in KPI on the basis of this faculty, and in 1923 this Institute became the independent educational institution. From 1930 till 1934, Kyiv Institute of Agronomy, Kyiv Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, Kyiv Ag Engineering Institute of Sugar Industry and Ag Economics Institute had been formed and begun their activity there. These institutes were later reorganized into independent research institutes and faculties. Admission Requirements To be admitted to the higher educational institution an international student should have secondary education certificate and satisfactory health state for habitation in climatic conditions of Ukraine and training in chosen speciality. Foreign citizens who graduated from the higher educational institutions of foreign countries are entitled to continue the education in Ukraine on the basis of the documents that certify their education level. To be admitted to postgraduate education programme an international student should have higher education diploma and capability of conducting research. The Law of Ukraine "On Veterinary Medicine" provides key requirements for Specialist?s Degree, specifically: diagnostics, medical treatment and prophylaxis of infectious, invasive, and non-contagious animal diseases; protection of population from diseases common to men and animals; providing of the veterinary and sanitary quality control (in veterinary and sanitary terms) in respect of: animal products and raw materials deemed the food fit for men or animals and further processing; animal protection and food additives; monitoring of compliance with veterinary and sanitary requirements related to environment protection; protection of the Ukrainian territory from causative agents and organisms from territories of foreign countries or quarantine areas; Specialist in Veterinary Medicine must have knowledge in: structure and function of the organism, also, general biological laws and processes governing their stability subject to type of animal, its age and sex, and environmental factors; main principles of genesis and development of epiphenomenona in the organism; also, techniques/methods of diagnostics, treatment, prognostication, and prophylaxis; know how to: determine whether a particular animal is healthy or not; organize and perform a complex of acts and actions related to: prophylaxis, diagnostics, and treatment of animals as to existence of infectious, invasive, and non-contagious animal diseases; protection of population from disease common to men and animals; compliance control in respect of the ban to take vegetable and animal products as well other products deemed inferior/unfit for consumption in veterinary and sanitary terms.