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Murcia Spain

Universidad de Murcia Facultad de Veterinaria

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EAEVE European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education
RCVS Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

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Degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Título de Licenciado en Veterinaria Recognition status: EAEVE,RCVS Website: The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is one of the centers with more infrastructure at the University of Murcia, due to high costs involved the formation of competitive professionals in the fields of Veterinary Science and Food Science and Technology, and the process of European Evaluation to which we have been submitting. The implementation of this infrastructure requires maximum responsibility in its management, thereby ensuring teaching excellence and viability in the medium to long term, we will continue putting in a good position as a reference center. The Faculty of Veterinary proud tradition, but with an eye toward the future, recently celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. In this context, is aware of the dynamism that is generated and transferred scientific and technical knowledge, so bet even closer if possible, relationships with companies that serve to coordinate research projects and placements for trainees. In sum, our teaching, research and care, must be efficient to train future professionals and to give back to society what Murcia we have been receiving from their institutions. We have also prepared adequately for the challenge of the European Higher Education Area, developed in recent courses of Educational Innovation projects that we will be ready for the 2009-2010 academic year in which began the Grade on Science and Technology Food, and the next year when we started the Bachelor in Veterinary Science. Read more ...