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Kabul University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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The faculty of veterinary sciences was established in February 1974 under Kabul University. The officials and staff of this faculty and Kabul University were looking for a financial donor to this faculty from the beginning of its establishment and finally the officials singed a cooperation contract with UNDP. With the financial help of UNDP/FAO this faculty has build 22 laboratories, educational clinic and a farm for research in 15 years. With the financial support of FAO project many lecturers of this faculty were granted with master PhD scholarships of different countries. Unfortunately during the civil war all the achievements of this faculty were lost at once. After the last changes in Afghanistan and establishment of the transitional movement with the full aid of international community, the faculty started to work again for the better of the faculty, finally the building of the faculty was rebuilt with the financial aid of USAID, USDA, the four laboratories of the faculty were rebuilt with the financial aid of JICA of Japan, the necropsy laboratory was rebuilt with the financial aid of USDA and the US Army, to avoid the influence of disease a corpse burning  oven was also gifted by US Army to the faculty. Unfortunately the animal clinic and research farm area is given to Afghan American University by government, but the clinic still works in the same area. Since the change in 2001 around ten young lecturers are sent for receiving master and PhD degrees to Japan, Jordan, America and India. Some lecturers have taken advantage of short term scholarships of different countries. For clinical subjects some foreigner lecturers have came to this faculty so far. Beside these a small joint farm of sheep is built for veterinary and agriculture faculties. In the near future the pharmacology and microbiology laboratories would be built by USAID. The Computer lab of the faculty has been built and Cornell University has donated 24 Computers to this lab and the rest of the equipments of the lab are donated by USAID.

The faculty has the following five departments:

  1. Pre clinic department
  2. Clinic department
  3. Paraclinic department
  4. Department of Livestock
  5. Food safety and technology department

The bachelor study period in this faculty is five years and finally students are assigned to write a monograph as an ending for their diploma period. The faculty has around 300 students where 282 are male and 28 are female students. So far this faculty has presented 813 veterinary doctors to the society. The faculty has one library having around 4000 books and magazines which can be used as study books and references.

The graduates of this faculty can work in ministries of agriculture, public health, municipalities, none governmental organizations, veterinary section of FAO and other private sectors.