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Tirana Albania


Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established in September1952. It is part of the Agricultural University of Tirana and is the only university center of veterinary education in Albania.

All work for the realization of studies at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is regulated by the Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Albania, "the Statute of the Agricultural University of Tirana", "Rules of AUT University Studies" and "Rules of University Studies of the Faculty of Medicine Veterinary ", change and improve constantly.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is located in the territory of the AUT, about 6 km away from Tirana. It consists of four buildings: the central building, the lecture halls, laboratories and offices and departments Dean. Other buildings include anatomy halls, laboratories and clinical courses of surgery rooms. But other facilities are also used inside or outside the ITU as EDE -in , VRI, livestock breeding complex for pigs and poultry, dairy processing factories producing sausage and various slaughterhouses.