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Sylhet Bangladesh


Sylhet Agricultural University, Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science

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Faculty of veterinary & Animal Science (FVAS) of SAU is the dynamic and mother faculty whose members are dedicated to preparing veterinarians and veterinarian scientists while advancing animal and human health from the cellular level through entire ecosystems.

FVAS is one of the younger veterinary programs in our country. Despite its relative youth, the FVAS has gained remarkable recognition on the strength of its teaching, research, engagement, and patient care efforts. We strive to offer the very best in education, to our veterinary students in the classroom and clinics, and to our graduate students in laboratory and field experiences. Our hospitals and clinics are recognized for their state of the art diagnosis and treatment, with a strong focus on compassionate delivery of care to all our patients and owners. Our research enterprise is first rate, with outstanding researchers providing leadership and innovation in key disciplines that can make a real difference for both animal and human health, and for the environment. In service and engagement our impact extends from serving our local and regional veterinary clients, to national and global projects that serve all communities in the true spirit of a land grant university.

FVAS encompasses 09 departments on the main campus along with coherent research laboratories, farms and veterinary clinics. In addition to the five-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, there are programs leading to master and doctoral degrees in several areas with numerous opportunities for specialization. One year exclusive internship program arranged in various farms, clinics, hospital, research organizations, private & govt. institutions and also in Abroad.