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Royal University of Agriculture, Dongkor District

P.O.Box: 2696. Phnom Penh Cambodia


Royal University of Agriculture, Faculty of Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine

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Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine was established since the inauguration of Royal University of Agriculture in 1965. Previously, it was called Faculty of Animal Production and health. Presently, our faculty composed of two campus, the Main office and subordinated laboratories and Animal Experimental Station in which located 1.5 Km from each other. 

The main objective of our faculty is to create an atmosphere of animal science and veterinary medicine research and enhance the capacity building to young scientist in Cambodia. Particularly, it is aimed to:

-Develop the new breed of livestock animal included chicken, duck, pig, cattle, buffalo, goat … that can adapt to the tropical climate, resistance to the regional disease and provide a high growth rate

-Conserve the gene bank of animal genetic biodiversity based on in-situ and ex-situ conservation

-Investigate the utilization of non-conventional feed resource in animal feeding include method of obtaining, post-harvest processing and conserving

-Implement the research in the agenda of biotechnology in animal nutrition, application of microorganism in animal feedstuff, pro-biotic, permissible enzymes and the effect of antibiotic, genetically modified organism and hormone on animal meat quality

-Analyzing the nutrient composition of animal feedstuffs according to the Procedure of Weende Analysis or Proximate Analysis

-Provide the extension service based on the result of on-farm experiment to the farmers and customers.