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43400 UPM Serdang

Selangor Malaysia


Universiti Putra Malaysia, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine [Selangor]

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Immediately after the Second World War, two young Malayans were selected and awarded scholarships for veterinary studies in the United Kingdom. More were selected in the 1950's and 1960's for studies, not only in the United Kingdom, but also in Australia, Canada and New Zealand under Federal, State and Colombo Plan Scholarships. The number returning to join the Government Veterinary Service was about 2-3 per year. It became obvious in the 1960's that the number was too few for the need of the expanding service especially after the transfer of full responsibility for animal husbandry in 1962.

During that year, the Department of Veterinary Services submitted a memorandum to the Higher Education Planning Committee on the need for veterinary education in Malaysia. The need for a veterinary school in Malaysia was brought up for discussion at the FAO Meeting on Haemorrhagic Septicaemia held in Kuala Lumpur in 1962 and a proposal was actually discussed at the Second Meeting of the FAO/WHO Expert Panel on Veterinary Education in Rome in 1963. The subject was again discussed publicly in 1968 at the first annual conference of the Association of Veterinary Surgeons Malaysia-Singapore. His Excellency Tengku Abdul Rahman Putra AI-Haj, the Prime Minister at that time, in his opening speech at the conference, promised to study the question of the establishment of a veterinary faculty if a proposal was made.

Consequently, a sub-committee on veterinary education was set up by the Association to pursue the matter. A proposal was eventually submitted to the Higher Education Planning Committee which recommended the establishment of a veterinary faculty in the University of Malaya. There was, however, no action taken. In 1967 the Department of Veterinary Services published a report on the "Proposals for the Development of the Livestock Industry and the Reorganization of the Veterinary Services". A large section was devoted to 'the Case for Establishing a Veterinary Faculty in Malaysia'.

The following year, one noted veterinary educationist, Sir William Weipers, of the Glasgow University Veterinary School was invited out to Malaysia by the Department of Veterinary Services and the Association of Veterinary Surgeons, Malaysia-Singapore to deliver a paper on 'Veterinary education : A study of the needs of Malaysia and Singapore', in conjunction with the Fourth Annual Conference of the Association in Singapore in August, 1968. In November the same year the Kajian Veterinaire carried a lengthy editorial on 'the Case for a Veterinary Faculty in Malaysia'.