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Huambo Angola


Faculdade de Ciencias Veterinarias [Huambo]

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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University José Eduardo dos Santos

Degree: Licenciado em Medicina Veterinaria (LMV)

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University José Eduardo dos Santos, in Huambo province.

Located approximately three kilometers south of Huambo city, the School of Veterinary Medicine is the only institution of higher education designed for the training of veterinarians at the country level.

The focus of college continues to be increasing the number of veterinarians to meet the great shortage of specialists in the labor market. The country has few veterinarians and one of the major challenges of the authorities is to train experts who also ensure the health of animals.

Currently, about 250 students attend the course in veterinary medicine in college. This number will increase in the near future, with the development of more infrastructure such as laboratories, classrooms, both theoretical and practical.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is a unit of the University José Eduardo dos Santos, whose mission is to train specialists from the area of production, scientific research and animal health care.

As in all higher education institutions, training in veterinary medicine involves several stages. Students have a load of lectures that meet in classrooms and another component that meet the practice field.

The School also has an experimental area and a few laboratories in the same complex, while others are being constructed and rehabilitated, such as the laboratories of parasitology, biochemistry, chemistry and others.

Under the direction of the Faculty, the intention is to form a specialist who is able to work in the field or in research. Therefore, it is also the task of steering the finalists specialize in different areas such as animal health, inspection, food technology, public health and others.