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88 South University Ave.

225009, Yangzhou, Jiangsu China


Jiangsu–Yangzhou University, College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine has five secondary disciplines, among which the Preventive Veterinary Medicine is the National and Provincial Key Discipline, the Clinical and Basic Veterinary Medicine is the Provincial Key Discipline. Due to its high academic reputation with over twenty research directions of characteristics, the Central Government has selected the College as the Station for Post doctor Circulation. In addition, the College has six secondary disciplines (Preventive, Clinical and Basic Veterinary Medicine, Animal Immunology, Safety of Animal-derived Foods and Zoonosis) conferring PhD Degree and five secondary disciplines (Preventive, Clinical and Basic Veterinary Medicine, Microbiology, Zoology) for MS Degree. The College also confers PhD Degree and MS Degree in Professional Veterinary Medicine. The College has the Key Open Lab of Animal Infectious Diseases of the Agricultural Ministry, the Key Open Lab of Preventive Veterinary Medicine of Jiangsu Province, the Key Lab of Zoonosis of Jiangsu Province, the Lab of the Agricultural Ministry for Special Toxicity Detection of New Animal Pharmaceuticals and Model Base for Training Applied Graduates. Besides, the College has three specialized subjects, including Veterinary Medicine, Quarantine and Inspection of Animal Products, and Laboratory Animals, among which the Veterinary Medicine is the National and Provincial prestigious specialty. According to recent National survey by the Center for Degrees and Graduate Education of the Ministry of Education, Veterinary Medicine of our College comes in No.4 on the list of the primary disciplines of Veterinary Medicine and No.1 in terms of the Graduate Potential Development.

The College has a consistent focus on and a high reputation in scientific research. Since implementation of the seventh “Five-Year Project”, over 100 research achievements have won awards from the National, Departmental or Provincial Governments, including World-first isolation of gosling plague virus and development of effective vaccines against the diseases, generation of cloned goats from somatic cells of transgenic animals (collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Developmental Science), and development of attenuated vaccines against infectious bursa disease in chickens. Both integration of research into teaching and quick transfer of research achievements into industries are unique characteristics of our College.  

The College holds it as her mission to build first-class disciplines, to cultivate fist-class graduates, and to provide first-class service to the society.