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College of Veterinary Medicine, South China Agricultural Univeristy

Welcome to the web page for the College of Veterinary Medicine at South China Agricultural University (SCAU). Our college was established in 1952 and since that time, we have graduated over 2000 veterinarians. The college is the primary health resource for Guangdong's animals: companion animals, livestock and wildlife. Unique partnerships with Guangdong's agriculture, health, and environmental agencies maximize the state and university activities and personnel who protect our animal resources and foster the development of new knowledge. Some programs are publicly funded; others are completely supported by private gifts. Our veterinarians proudly serve our state, our nation in countless ways. From highly sophisticated veterinary practices serving over 10 million residents of Guangzhou and their animals to military, industrial, government and university roles, SCAU veterinarians hold positions of prestige and responsibility.Animals are an important part of all our lives.