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Kampus Bukit Jimbaran, Denpasar,

80361 Bali Indonesia



Udayana University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Degrees :


The Faculty of Veterinary Science prepares students for a career in treating and caring for sick or injured animals, which is closer in level to a doctor. Graduates will possess skills in detecting and diagnosing health and other problems in animal and wildlife population. Bali Cattle and Hog Management and Disease are their main research interests.
Students have to complete medical course which contains a large theoretical components; and a professional clinical course which concentrates on using the skills learnt and involve in-depth clinical studies and training. The Faculty of Veterinary Science consists of eight divisions which include Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Animal Diseases, Veterinary Public Health, Physiology, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Science, Animal Reproduction, Anatomy, and Basic Sciences.
Students have access to 21 laboratories and 2 joint laboratories of Biomedical Science and CSAD (Centre for Studies On Animal Disease) in collaboration with Institute For Parasitology, Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany.
The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Udayana University is the youngest Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Indonesia. At earlier date, The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was affiliated with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry Udayana University when the latter was founded in 1962.
Then it was Study Program of Veterinary Medicine Udayana University since 12 February 1983 and since 22nd of August The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Udayana University (FKH UNUD) Denpasar, Bali was formally launched.
Partnerships and Collaborations
Bureau of Veterinary Investigation and Examination Area VI., Bali Province Animal Husbandry Service, Bali Towns and District Animal Husbandry Service, Animal Quarantine Bureau, IP2TP Denpasar, Fishery and Sea Cultivation Research Bureau and Faculties of Veterinary Medicine in Indonesia. Collaboration with those institutions is in the sustainable utilization of joint facilities. However, collaboration in research and community service is incidental. Other partners from the private sector are: Yayasan Yudistira Swarga, Bali Zoo Park, Bali Bird Park., PT. Paeco Agung, PT. Rhomindo, PT. Pfizer, TCEC (Turtle Conservation and Education Center) and with Surgery Colloquium for Eastern Indonesia.