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Jl. Agatis Kampus IPB Dramaga

16680 Bogor Indonesia


Bogor Agricultural University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Degrees :


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bogor Agricultural Institute is one of the oldest faculty of veterinary education in Indonesia.
Veterinary Medicine degree program (SKH) is a program of S1 with weight SKS 155 SKS. Veterinary Medicine degree program FKH IPB can be reached selema 8-semester (16-weeks), each of which consists pokokbahasan 14 meetings and two times the test period. In the first year, students must follow the lecture FKH IPB joint preparation. With college activities carried out together with students from other faculties in lingkunga IPB for two semesters with a number of credits that must be solved as many as 36 credits. The aim of education is to provide a solid foundation to mahsiswa towards understanding the basic sciences and mathematics, chemistry. Physics, biology, sociology, economics and languages required in pemahan more about veterinary education. Education programs in the second to fourth year consists of understanding the basic sciences related to animals under normal conditions, the understanding of disease mechanisms and aspects of veterinary science applications.