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664-14, Galsan-ri, Iseo-myeon, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do


College of Veterinary Medicine Chonbuk National University

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Veterinary Medicine studies and treats the animals that are in pain due to diseases so that they can stay healthy as animal companion. It is the field of study that contributes to the welfare of all mankind by overall management so that high quality animal products and marine products are produced from industrial animals such as pigs and cows.

Veterinary Medicine studies the environment and disease of animals, manages sanitary control and quality, and studies the technology and methods to analyze these. It also develops new medicine, anticancer drug, and vaccine to apply to humans by studying the basic medicine or biotechnology, using the laboratory animals. Duplicating animals by using genes or developing new breed using genes for the first time in human times was one of the works done by vets. Veterinary Medicine is a future-oriented field of study, where its importance increases as human life develops.

College of Veterinary Medicine in Chonbuk University was established by Doctor Lee Bang Hwan in 1951. It is the second Vet College in Korea, following Seoul National University, and thus has a long history and tradition. From 1989, the college was reformed into 6-year program, which consisted 2 years of pre-vet medicine and 4 years of regular course. The department produced 48th graduating class, and the alumni are actively working in various fields of work.