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102, Jejudaehak-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do


Jeju National University College of Veterinary Medicine

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The cradle of nurturing competent people leading the high-tech animal biotechnology


Separated from the College of Bio Resource Science in 2008, the College of Veterinary Science research the study coming into the spotlight that the technology is getting which is required more and more in various fields of Veterinary, Science Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Development of new medicine, and bio medical science.

The College of Veterinary Science of Jeju National University aims to nurture the veterinary surgeons equipped with international competitive power required by the current veterinary fields and to perform the research and education well adapted to the changing circumstance.

We not only acquire and develop the technology of global level of medical examination and treatment of animals and public sanitation, through the international certification of veterinary education but also contribute to the improvement of international exchange in the veterinary field.

The graduates are actively engaged in the business of using Jeju characteristic veterinary resource and meeting the demands of many industries in the Jeju region. In addition, they are also expected to play active roles in the prevention of infectious diseases, environmental sanitation, food sanitation, conservation of ecosystem, validity assessment, cell engineering and developmental engineering.