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Hyoja 2-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do


Kangwon National University College of Veterinary Medicine

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Recent veterinary training mission has expanded from the traditional concept of animal health to the animal, human, and environmental health and well-being. Such paradigm shift aims to make the world healthy and sustainable for both animals and people through education, research and service.

Located in the lakeside city Chuncheon, our university was founded in 1988. The six-year curriculum was established in 1998 to provide education and advanced training to best prepare future veterinarians. Our university has adopted an "Elective course" program in which undergraduate students choose a thesis laboratory of their interest and explore aptitude for research within a more extended and individualized framework. Upon graduation from our program, many students pursue a variety of careers in small animals or industrial livestock hospital industries, civil service, biosindustry, biotechnology and research institutions. Increasing number of students are pursuing careers in academia as well as enrolling in Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) in the U.S. or Canada upon degree completion. Our university hospital specializes cardiovascular and senior animal medical services, and our wildlife center is actively involved in wildlife rehabilitation and associated research, Furthermore, as a leading veterinary school, we have been developing technologies in various fields such as animal cloning and organ transplantation, disease treatment using stem cell research, as well as conducting research on zoonotic diseases and epidemiological fields, safety and quality of food animal products, and industrial animal disease control.

The College of Veterinary Medicine will continue to excel in providing veterinary education and advanced research training to best prepare veterinarians and scientists to serve society in critical roles.