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Seoul National University College of Veterinary Medicine

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Veterinary medicine is the study for the treatment of diseases of the animals. However, ultimately, veterinary medicine aims to promote human health, and preserve all creatures to live together inside the global environment. In that respect, the social demand of veterinary medicine has been in progress, and its importance is also increasing.

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Seoul National University (CVM SNU) consists of three fields: veterinary biomedical sciences, veterinary pathobiology and preventive medicine, veterinary clinical sciences. There are 40 outstanding faculty members and 50 devoting administrative staffs. Also there are 416 undergraduate and graduate students doing their best to be leading veterinarians. In addition, We have the affiliated organizations like VMTH, Veterinary research institute, BK21 veterinary science researcher training agency, Zoonotic Disease Institute, Adult stem cell research center, ANF digital library and Laboratory animal facility. The Veterinary Research Institute established Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory in 2005, and it provides analysis and diagnosis for referred cases so that it expands interdisciplinary research area and offers opportunities for education.

As we are the leading veterinary school, we have been developing technologies like rare useful material synthesis through animal cloning, disease model animal production and stem cell research.

We offer biomedical education, basic and clinical science integral research, humanities/social integration and policy research. We are contributing to the management of ecosystem and disease of wild animals in the country. Furthermore, we are actively trying to respond to the national demand through cooperation with veterinary education institutes located in Asia, Europe and North America. We will keep monitoring zoonotic and emerging diseases, and make basis for integral research to keep up with our changing societal needs.

The College of Veterinary Medicine will jump to the world's best veterinarian training institution through the authentication of the Veterinary Medical Association of America and graduate level course of consumer center. In addition, we pay a lot of effort for a new re-leap through the incorporation of Seoul National University.

We will do our best to take care of animals suffering from diseases, promote social benefits and contribute to the improvement of public health.