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31982 Al-Ihssa Saudi Arabia

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College of Veterinary medicine and Animal Resources - King faisal University

About The Faculty


  The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources is a unique Faculty in this specialization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. The Faculty was established in 1395 AH corresponding to 1975 G.


Faculty Message


Preparing qualified human cadres to work in the areas of diagnosis and treatment of animals and livestock development and the protection of rights of General diseases and provide a healthy food of animal origin for human.


Faculty Vision


Keeping pace with technical development in the area of specialization through a comprehensive review of aspects of academic and research and veterinary diagnostic, as well as building bridges of communication with the beneficiaries of the outputs of Faculty education.


Objectives of the Faculty


1.  Principles understanding the basic sciences to study veterinary medicine and various areas relating thereto, and mastering the skills and methods used in the examination and treatment of animal diseases, according to regional priorities and the need for development programs in the Kingdom.
2.  Developming research, analysis and inference.
3.  Participating in economic development in the Kingdom through the protection of livestock from any causes of illness and contributing to the preparation of special studies for  improving the breeds progenys and  increase production.
4.  Contributing to food security programs through the provision of a healthy food of animal origin for the human.
5.  Contributing to the protection of the human  from General diseases transmitted between animals and human.