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Circuito Exterior, Ciudad Universitaria, Delegación Coyoacán

D.F. C.P. 04510 Apartado Postal 70-483 y 70-486 México Mexico


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia

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AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association

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In the 156 years of life than was initially the School of Veterinary Medicine, part of the National College of Agriculture, which depended on the Ministry of Development, Colonization, Industry and Commerce, there have been many events that have marked history, course and structure of our current School of Veterinary Medicine, National Autonomous University of Mexico. In 1916 the two schools are separated (Agriculture and Veterinary) so that from 1918 the establishment of the National School of Veterinary Medicine in 1929 he joined the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in 1935 changed its name to National School of Medicine Veterinary and finally in 1969 became the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The School today has been under the direction of 41 Mexican citizens, of which 26 have been recent veterinarians or veterinarians animal husbandry and which had had to solve different problems under their administration achieved through the efforts of each The prestigious institution we are. Objective Based on the Statute Law and University, to determine the direction and the direction of the School through an institutional development plan which specifies the objectives and goals to achieve during the period of the administration, based on the guidelines transverse National Autonomous University of Mexico: Education, Research and Dissemination of Culture. Similarly, given the institution's resources, human and material, under a policy of sound finance, to be allocated to priority tasks in pursuit of excellence in all areas of endeavor. As a corollary to these actions, the Department of FMVZ focuses its efforts on training of medical professionals and promote animal husbandry link with its alumni, promoted its constant improvement and the symbiotic relationship with society. Features Manage human and material resources of the institution, focusing on the achievement of the goals outlined in the Development Plan. Designate the officers who will occupy the bodies of management within the Faculty. Manage validation services programs to adjudicators agencies, national and international. Manage external financing based on cooperation agreements with public and private institutions to strengthen the assets of the institution.