Natural disasters and “One – Health” Are we prepared to react?

FVE in Association with the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and with the participation of the European Commission organise a conference on Natural disasters and “One – Health.

Natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes or extreme climate conditions, severely challenge the health and welfare of people, animals and the ecosystem; individually and collectively.

The health of people is compromised not only by the cause of the disaster as such, but also by the level of health and welfare of the affected animals; carcasses in the countryside would be a source of infection, spread of diseases and contamination of water, food and feed; people reluctant to leave their farms or their pets behind may impede the work of rescue teams.

These are amongst the most challenging situations the veterinary profession can confront. Veterinarians are key players and must be well prepared to deal with the consequences of a disaster in order to achieve rapid and cost-efficient control. To do this, they must have a well-developed plan and the capacity to implement it.

This conference emphasizes the need for a holistic approach in disaster management by taking into consideration the human – animal – ecosystem interfaces. This will allow for more efficient reaction,  coordination and control during crises.

In collaboration with the other professionals involved in the civil protection mechanism, veterinarians can contribute significantly to the successful management of such emergencies. This conference will try to engage all different stakeholders in the civil protection mechanism to collaborate together and coordinate their actions through the holistic “One Health” approach. It aims to bring together people from all over Europe active in both the humanitarian and veterinary field.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that we are appropriately prepared to deal with natural disasters whenever they occur.

You may find more information on the Updated Programme.

This event is addressed to;

  • persons and organizations involved in natural disaster management plans;
  • NGOs, competent authorities and regional offices that are part of the civil protection mechanism that provides humanitarian aid in the field;
  • any stakeholder that can play a role in properly informing and guiding the public properly.


Venue: International Auditorium,Boulevard Roi Albert II 5,Brussels - Belgium

Attachement: agenda_150323.pdf