8th Annual World Congress of Vaccine-2016 (WCV-2016)

Time: April 25-27, 2016 Venue: Dalian, China

With the overwhelming success of annual Vaccines conferences, BITs 8th Annual World Congress of Vaccine (WCV-2016) is planned to take place in Dalian, China during April 25-27, 2016. On behalf of the Organizing Commission, it is a pleasure to welcome you to talk about your latest work at our congress.


The aim of the 8th Annual World Congress of Vaccine is designed for researchers, professionals and policy makers to share and exchange experience, latest cutting edge discoveries in vaccines and tackle the challenge of introducing new vaccines. We hope to facilitate a platform for creating new collaborations between specialist and linkages between academics, clinicians and industry. Such partnerships will be critical to translation of recent laboratory breakthroughs into the vaccines of tomorrow.


The WCV has enjoyed an exciting history covering all aspects of vaccines since 2008. The conference is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas across a broad range of disciplines. It has been the international meeting place for healthcare professionals, scientists and researchers, and veterinarians, vaccine manufacturers, and public health officials. Themed “Creating the Best Shields against Diseases”, this year’s conference future to address following topics, see more details at


Stream 1: Global Immunization Projects and Global Health

Stream 2: The Hot Topics in Vaccinology

Stream 3: Novel Vaccine Technology and Approaches

Stream 4: Human Vaccine for Infectious Diseases 

Stream 5: Human Vaccine for Non-Infectious Diseases 

Stream 6: Veterinary Vaccine

Stream 7: Vaccine Bioprocessing, Production and Manufacturing


The three-day Conference will cover valuable presentations by a wide range of expert speakers and opinion leaders from around the world to encourage the exchange of ideas across a broad range of disciplines.


If you would like to give an oral presentation at this conference, please submit a proposal by email to including the title and brief summary (3-5 sentences) on your recent work in the area.


Dalian a trading and financial center in northeastern Asia and has gained the name the 'Hong Kong of Northern China'. It is known as the home of track and city fashion. We look forward to seeing you in Dalian in April 2016 for this influential event!

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