Second International Animal Diseases and Husbandry Conference

Venue: The Conference will take place at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hama University. In the period between 22-25th April 2019

1. Diseases and Husbandry of Domestic and Pet animals.
2. Diseases of Poultry and prevention measures
3. Biosecurity and prevention measures in Animal and poultry farms.
4. Food byproducts and food safety
5. Workshop on Syrian Animal production, improvement and future prospects.
Registration and accommodation fees:
The University of Hama will cover the cost of accommodation for the accepted work papers of the participants from outside of the governorate of Hama and for one night only.
For international speakers the accommodation will be covered for three nights.
Subscription fee:
The non-speaker attendants from outside Syria is $150 per person, (not inclusive any expenses).
Full papers to be sent to the following address:
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Fadel (Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hama - Syria
Tel.: 00963 33 2510180 / 00963 33 2510181 Fax: 00963 33 2510514
E-mail: or
WhatsApp+ 963 967753410
1- Papers are accepted in Arabic or English, and to be submitted before March 15th, 2019
2- The official language of the conference is Arabic and / Or English.
3- Papers should be printed on A4 paper, and sent on CD in Word Format.
4- Papers should contain the author’s name, specializing, biography and place of work.
Animal Production Fair Announcement:
A specializing fair on Animal Health, Poultry production and Food Safety will be held during the period of the conference. Local, regional and international companies are invited to participate
and sponsor the conference activities by contacting the Dean of the Faculty.
Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Fadel

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