BIT’s 4th Annual Symposium of Antiparasites

Track AP1: Breaking Research in Parasitology
AP101: Chemotherapy and Anti-Parasitic Drug Resistance
AP102: Cell Biology and Omics Technology in Parasitology
AP103: Ectoparasites and Vector Borne Diseases
AP104: Leishmaniasis, Trypanosomiasis and Helminthiasis
AP105: Re-emerging Malaria

Track AP2: Anti-parasitic Drug Discovery and Diagnosis Development
AP201: Fast Diagnosis of Parasitic Infections
AP202: Novel Drug Targets for Emerging Parasitic Infections
AP203: New Anti-Malaria Drug and Vaccine Development
AP204: Immunotherapy and Vaccines for Helminthiasis 

Track AP3: Best Clinical Practice on Emerging Parasitic Diseases
AP301: Strategies in Control or Eradication of Parasitic Infections
AP302: Clinical Trials on Anti-Parasitic Therapeutics

AP303: Combination Chemotherapy and Biotherapy on Parasitic Diseases

Venue: Dalian, China

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