First Edition of the International Veterinary Forum (IVF)

The Veterinary Students’ Association (AssEV) is pleased to announce the First Edition of the International Veterinary Forum (IVF), themed “Young Veterinarians: Opportunities Beyond Borders“.

The event shall take place over 6 days, starting on the 8th of April, 2015 in Hamammet, Diar Elmdina Hotel, Tunisia.

The Veterinary Students’ Association is a non-profit association affiliated with the National School of Veterinary Medicine, Sidi Thabet, Tunisia.

The International Veterinary Forum (IVF) is about networks, opportunities, exchanging, sharing and debating. Therefore, the Organization Committee is reaching out to all entities related to the Veterinary Field in order to bring together a plethora of Organizations, students, recent graduates and pioneers of the field from all corners of the world.

The main aim of this Forum is to establish the basis of future inter associative networks by granting all participants an opportunity to interact through various roundtable discussions, lectures, debates, and conferences held by both local and international renowned speakers along with an exchange circle. Thus, we will be instating a platform for young veterinarians to uncover the opportunities offered by associations and organizations on a global scale.

If you are an association or a Non Governmental Organization, you can be granted a stand during our Exchange Circle Days, where you will be given the chance to exhibit whatever you think the participants will be keen on. 
The Exchange Circle is the highlight of our event. It will take over 2 days of the Forum.

If you are interested by our event, you or your delegates have the use on a free stand during the exchange circle. You are welcome to present the organization or the association, its aims, and what it has to offer for the participants in the Forum. You can check our web site, where you can find the registration fees, it includes the participation and the lodging cost.

The Closure Ceremony of the Event shall be in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the National School of Veterinary Medicine of Sidi Thabet, Tunisia.

For further information, visit IVF’s website: or our Facebook page: you can like and share. 

The Application Forms shall be posted on our website soon, at latest this week, along with the Online Payment.

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You can confirm your participation by responding on this mail as well:
Applications are due before March the 15,