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WVA Leaflet 2015 10-09-2015
2nd Global Webinar on Animal Welfare - Report 19-12-2014
Contribution of private veterinarians to Veterinary Services and relevant educational needs 06-12-2013
WVA Leaflet 2013 WVA 28-08-2013
WVA Constitution and ByLaws Presentation WVA 17-07-2013
WVA Presentation on Veterinary Education WVA 17-07-2013
WVA Summit 2011 WVA 21-06-2013
Opening Speech from OIE Director General Dr. Bernard Vallat WVA 21-06-2013
Closing Speech from OIE Director General Dr. Bernard Vallat WVA 20-06-2013
Summit 2011: International standards and capacity building to promote prudent use of antimicrobial agents in animals Dr. Elisabeth Erlacher-Vindel 18-06-2013
Codes of Good Veterinary Practice WVA 18-06-2013
Codes of Ethical Conduct WVA 18-06-2013
A brief History of the World Veterinary Association Erin Asch 18-06-2013
Summit 2011: Veterinary Medicine, Animal Health, Food Security & the Millennium Development Goals Juan Lubroth, Scott Newman 18-06-2013
Summit 2011: Benefits, Risks and Challenges related to the use of antimicrobials Barbara Freischem 18-06-2013
Summit 2011: Availability and use of antimicrobials in animals: from 1928 until today Vinny Naidoo 18-06-2013
Summit 2011: Responsible use of antimicrobials – World Veterinary Association perspective Lyle Vogel 18-06-2013
Summit 2011: Use of Antimicrobials and Antimicrobial Resistance – WHO initiatives on Risk Assessment and Surveillance Dr. Awa Aidara-Kane 18-06-2013
Summit 2011: The Veterinary Perspective on Responsible Use? Peter Jones 18-06-2013
Summit 2011: Overview of Codex activities on Antimicrobial Resistance Annika Wennberg 18-06-2013
Summit 2011: Integrated Study of Food borne Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Kenya Patrick Otto 18-06-2013
Summit 2011: Lessons Learned and Furture Approaches in Antimicrobial use in Aquaculture – Experiences with Streptococcosis in Southern Africa K.D.A. Huchzermeyer, M.M. Henton 18-06-2013
World Veterinary Year Stamp WVA 18-06-2013
Social Event World Veterinary Congress 2011 WVA 18-06-2013
Tours and Safaris WVA 18-06-2013
Wildlife Programme at WVC2011 18-06-2013
September 2011 - Special World Veterinary Congress Edition WVA 18-06-2013
Media Releases WVA 17-06-2013
Media Accreditation WVA 17-06-2013
WVA Basic Presentation February 2013 WVA 14-06-2013
World Rabies Day: GARC April 2013 Newsletter Issue 32 03-05-2013
World Rabies Day: World Veterinary Day Celebrated with Mass Vaccinations of Dogs in the Philippines 01-05-2013
World Rabies Day: Rabies in the Americas Award 30-03-2013
World Rabies Day: A new issue of the newsletter of the Global Alliance for Rabies Control is now available 28-02-2013
World Rabies Day: Bangladesh Livestock Society Celebrate World Rabies Day-2012 02-10-2012
World Rabies Day: The Red Collar Campaign 01-10-2012
World Rabies Day: Vaccinate dogs to save human lives from rabies 28-09-2012
World Rabies Day: The battle against rabies - a success story 28-09-2012
World Rabies Day: OIE Regional Vaccine Bank for Asia provides 50,000 rabies vaccines to Lao PDR 28-09-2012
World Rabies Day in the News 28-09-2012
World Rabies Day: Simple Steps Save Lives 27-09-2012
World Rabies Day: Stop Wasting Time Culling Millions of Dogs, When Thousands are Dying from Rabies 26-09-2012
World Rabies Day in the News 26-09-2012
World Rabies Day in the News 25-09-2012
World Rabies Day: Working together to make rabies history 22-09-2012
World Rabies Day: Rabid Bytes 22-09-2012
World Rabies Day is September 28 21-09-2012
Third Annual World Rabies Day International Webinar 20-09-2012
World Rabies Day in the News 20-09-2012
“Quick Review on Rabies Disease” Farhan Ali 19-09-2012
World Rabies Day in the News 18-09-2012
World Rabies Day in the News 14-09-2012
Rabies Prevention: Vaccinate Animals - Wash Bite Wounds - Get Prompt Medical Care After a Bite. Who will YOU educate on World Rabies Day! 13-09-2012
Drive-thru rabies vaccination clinic 12-09-2012
Protecting pets and family from illness 11-09-2012
Villagers had rabies antibodies without vaccination Greg Cima 07-09-2012
World Rabies Day in the News 28-08-2012
World Rabies Day eMedia 30-07-2012
Final Reminder: World Rabies Day Webinar abstract deadline is July 31, 2012 28-07-2012
World Rabies Day: Global Alliance for Rabies Control Newsletter July 2012 26-07-2012