World Rabies Day: World Veterinary Day Celebrated with Mass Vaccinations of Dogs in the Philippines


Selected Theme 2013: Vaccination
“Vaccination to prevent and protect”

April 27 was World Veterinary Day and GARC is proud to have supported the occasion by collaborating with various partners in mass vaccinations of dogs in the Philippines.

Vaccinating dogs from rabies protects them from the disease but it also has an vital public health value. This is because dogs are a ‘reservoir’ of the disease and the main source of transmission to people.

Unvaccinated dogs pose a threat to people’s health. By comparison, vaccinated dogs offer people protection from the disease because their presence prevents non-vaccinated dogs moving into the area.

Vaccination clinics are also a part of the World Rabies Day events (September 28). And, materials which support veterinarians to remind owners of the importance of keeping their animals shots up to date are available free in the Resources section of our website, here.

The Philippine Veterinary Medical Association organized vaccination events in Eastern and Southern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions, with support from the local government, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Health, Pedigree, WSPA and GARC.