World Rabies Day: OIE Regional Vaccine Bank for Asia provides 50,000 rabies vaccines to Lao PDR

OIE has donated 50,000 rabies vaccines to Lao PDR through its Regional Vaccine Bank for Asia supported by the European Union’s regional cooperation programme on Highly Pathogenic and Emerging and Re-emerging Disease in Asia (HPED). The vaccine bank is managed by the OIE Sub-Regional Representation in Bangkok.

“Today it is unacceptable that thousands of people and animals die of rabies each year while we have efficient control methods available; the Regional Vaccine Bank for Rabies was developed because dogs are responsible for more than 95% of human cases and vaccination is an effective way of controlling the disease at the source” OIE Director General, Dr Bernard Vallat commented. “This first delivery is definitely a milestone for OIE and for the European Union who supports our fight against the disease in the region,” he added.

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