World Rabies Day: Stop Wasting Time Culling Millions of Dogs, When Thousands are Dying from Rabies

World Rabies Day 28 September 2012


Watch our Red Collar Campaign Video (you may find some scenes disturbing)

See why Ricky Gervais is supporting our Campaign:

“While we waste time culling millions of dogs, because of our fear of rabies, thousands of people (many of them children), are dying horrific and painful deaths from this deadly disease”. Says Mike Baker, Chief Executive of WSPA, (World Society for the Protection of Animals). WSPA, who run theglobal Red Collar Campaign promoting a humane approach to tackling rabies, want governments to introduce mass dog vaccination schemes, which have been shown to be effective in helping stamp out this deadly, but wholly preventable, disease.

Bali - One of the BAWA team vaccinates a puppy.
WSPA has been working with member society BAWA to stop the mass culling of dogs to eradicate rabies and instead promote a vaccination programme in Bali.