Rabies Prevention: Vaccinate Animals - Wash Bite Wounds - Get Prompt Medical Care After a Bite. Who will YOU educate on World Rabies Day!


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

World Rabies Day is just over two weeks away! If you are planning an event, please send-in your event submission as soon as possible through the World Rabies Day website. Adding your event to our website not only brings global visibility to your efforts but helps others find an event in their local community. Click here to tell us about your event.

Educational Materials and Resources
The World Rabies Day Education Bank is loaded with rabies prevention resources collected from all around the world. Here you’ll find materials specifically designed for veterinarians, humane organizations, teachers, children, healthcare workers and pet owners. Below is a list of some recent resources we have released specifically for raising awareness on World Rabies Day. Click here to visit the education bank.

Third Annual World Rabies Day International Webinar

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