Newsletter 37 - December 2012

Author: WVA


• From the President 
• World Veterinary Congress 2013 - Prague
• WVA Activities and Working Groups 
• MoU between WVA and WMA 
• WVA/WHO Collaboration plan 
• WVA Council 
• WVA at OIE Animal Welfare Conference 
• A Progress Report on the Activities of the WVA Constitution & ByLaws Working Group 
• WVA – WSPA Memorandum of Understanding 
• WVA Secretariat - move into a new office 
• WVA President at the 3rd Chinese Veterinary 
Medical Association Congress 
• Successful FVE General Assembly 
• Swedish Veterinary Association awards MEP: Mrs. M. Paulsen, “Silver Linnaeus Medal” 
• European Antibiotic Awareness Day 
• The 80th General Session of the OIE 
• 3rd OIE Global Conference on Animal Welfare 
• Animal Welfare in the Pan American Congress of Veterinary Medicine 
• News Feeds from the WVA website 
• 2012 CVMA Convention, Montreal 
• Camel Festival in Cholistan, Pakistan 
• VeV in Sri Lanka 2012 
• Australian veterinary school AVMA-accredited 
• Introductory Herd Health Online Course 
• Calendar of Events