Newsletter 34 - June 2012

Author: WVA


• From the President

• WVC 2013 - Prague, Czech Republic

• World Veterinary Day 2012

• WVA Conclusions from the Summit on Antimicrobials

• Interview with René A. Carlson

• Report from the Constitution & By-Laws Working Group

• WVA joins World Medical Association

• Report of the visit to the World Medical Association

• Chinese Veterinary Medical Association

• Veterinary Appointment to House of Lords

• WVA meets OIE

• Prudent Use of Antimicrobial Agents

• Public Health Leader Honored

• Practicing “One Health” for the Human Health Clinician

• Revised Animal Welfare Position Statements

• Award to Dr. James McKean

• New Global Alliance for Sustainable Livestock Sector

• WSPA welcomes new Chief Veterinary Adviser

• PG Certificate, PG Diploma or MSc in Veterinary Education

• Africa Vet Experience

• Human and Veterinary Vaccinology

• Adapting to Climate Change

• Federation of the Asian Veterinary Associations

• Novice International Conference

• Clinic in a Box!

• Calendar of Events