Newsletter 33 - April 2012

Author: WVA


• From the President
• WVA Constitution and By-Laws
• WVA policy and Position Papers
• WVC 2013 - Prague, Czech Republic
• World Veterinary Day 2012
• Nepal Veterinary Association Conference
• Resistance and one health
• World Health Organisation to Maintain Official Relations with the WVA
• WVA meetings in Prague
• 4th HVMS Food Congress
• Strengthening the veterinary profession in India to improve food security
• Do citizens and farmers interpret the concept of farm animal welfare differently?
• Enriched Housing for Laying Hens
• Iraqi Delegation Visits AVMA
• Syringomyelia scheme launched at Crufts
• Survey on antimicrobial prescribing habits
• Successful strategies to safeguard medications
• WCVM Research Targets Cushing’s Disease
• Australia's Pet Food Safety System
• Schmallenberg virus
• WikiVet
• Asia Oceania Veterinary Group
• Master of Veterinary Medicine Production Animal Courses
• Calendar of Events