Newsletter 28 - June 2011

Author: WVA


• From the President

• 30th World Veterinary Congress

• World Veterinary Day

• The Role of Veterinary Statutory Bodies

• Dr. S. Abdul Rahman Elected CVA President

• The Odyssey of Rinderpest Eradication

• No more deaths from Rinderpest

• Shortage in number of veterinarians

• Structure leads to progress in China

• OIE Gold Medal

• The 5th Pan Commonwealth Conference

• Veterinary conference draws 15,000

• New Zealand Vets keeping up to date

• Contribution to global food security

• Vets in Your Daily Life Photo Competition

• World Veterinary Year in Brazil

• Fight to save vets' right to dispense medicines

• Pandemic flu emergence

• Global Veterinary Summit

• WSPA releases online education resource

• Making animals matter

• Animal welfare - beyond animal health

• Veterinary Education; the Interest of the Veterinary Statutory Body

• RVC Distance learning scholarships

• WVA Poster

• Animal welfare on the curricula

• Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

• Sudan Veterinary Medical Association

• Calendar of Events