Newsletter 26 - April 2011

Author: WVA


• From the President

• WVA Constitution and Bylaws

• WVA Policies, Positions

• WVA concern and support for Japanese

• Role of the Veterinarian in Animal Welfare

• World Veterinary Day - Saturday 30th April

• 30th World Veterinary Congress

• Global Veterinary Summit

• 5th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference

• WVA Council meeting in Accra, Ghana

• Kenya Veterinary Association News

• WVA Stamp for World Veterinary Year

• Livestock plagues are spreading

• International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge

• Controlling wildlife reproduction

• PREDICT: global early warning system

• Role of Veterinarians, Redefined

• SSAFE Leadership Award

• 2nd Greek Veterinary Congress

• OIE Documentation database

• 2011 Veterinary World Cup of Cricket

• Combating Crimes Against Wildlife

• News from Vice President Dr Faouzi Kechrid

• Training on humane slaughter in Uruguay

• Course: Animal Welfare Science, Ethics & Law

• Role, impact and welfare of working animals

• Two schools receive AVMA COE approval

• Budget cuts plague veterinary schools

• Search for Accredited Veterinary Schools

• Retiring Professor gives valedictory lecture

• Canadian Veterinary Medical Association News

• WSPA: UK’s first mega dairy

• Calendar of Events