Newsletter 24 - December 2010

Author: WVA


• From the President

• First Annual Chinese Veterinary Conference

• WVA Regional meeting for Northern Africa

• WVA Executive Committee Meeting

• WVA in global conference on Veterinary


• World Veterinary Day

• The major events of World Veterinary Year

• The USA celebrates the profession's history

• First Global Conference on Veterinary Legislation

• WAHVM Congress in Turkey

• The OIE and US FDA sign cooperation


• Africa and the veterinary world committed advocate

• Obituary: Jean Blancou

• Vets asked to report caesarean operations

• Thoughts of FAO on ‘One Health’

• Searching for self-replicating antimicrobials

• WVA Position on Global Veterinary Day-One


• Study seeks to explain feminization of veterinary profession

• News from US Veterinary Schools

• Treating flood affected animals in Pakistan

• Foot and Mouth Disease in livestock - Combat and Management

• Intensive swine production and pork safety

• 30th World Veterinary Congress

• Calendar of Events