Newsletter 18 - December 2009

Author: WVA


• From the President

• The cooperation between the Secretariat and the President

• WVA Signs Contract with FVE to Host WVA Secretariat

• OIE actions on pandemic H1N1 2009 in animals

• WVA and “Evolving Veterinary Education for a Safer World”

• Recommendations from “Evolving Veterinary Education for a Safer World"

• One Health Commission Summit at National Academy of Sciences

• Swimming with the Tide: Animal Welfare in Veterinary Medical Education and Research

• CVMA Animal Health Week Wraps Up for 2009 

• Highlights from CVMA Survey of Recent DVM Graduates

• World Veterinary Day 2010

• Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference 2010

• New WSPA Director General Visits New Zealand

• 2010 Penn Vet World Award: Nominations Open

• FAVA Council Meeting in Bangkok

• TAWS Seminar 2010

• 30th World Veterinary Congress

• Conferences and Congresses