5 weeks until World Veterinary Day

Let’s all get together on World Veterinary Day on Saturday the 27th of April, to show the World the value of our work!

5 weeks until World Veterinary Day World Veterinary Day

The World Veterinary Association (WVA) encourages veterinarians throughout the World to join us and celebrate World Veterinary Day.

Many of us throughout the veterinary profession use vaccination of companion and production animals to prevent and protect animals from diseases that can affect not only animals, but also in some cases also affect humans (zoonoses).

If you work in clinical practice, you can promote vaccination on World Veterinary Day to your community and clients. You could hold a special vaccination clinic.

If you work in large animal practice, you can promote the value of vaccination to your clients. Successful farming of production animals requires proper protection against disease to prevent outbreaks and maximize production.

In regulatory medicine, vaccination is used to prevent regional, national and trans-boundary outbreaks of disease.

World Veterinary Day is the opportunity for us all to show our communities that protection that we can provide their animals to the benefit of those animals and all of us.

For those who are members of the WVA and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), there is also the opportunity to enter for the annual World Veterinary Day award. You do not have to be entering for the joint WVA / OIE award to participate. Read more about the award ...

Please advise us of your celebration of World Veterinary Day so that we can publicize it on the WVA website. Send your contributions to the Editor at