WVA Council meeting in Brussels, Belgium on 19-21 March 2014.

On 19-21 March 2014, the WVA Council hold its meeting in Brussels Belgium.

The WVA Officers and Councillors visited the WVA office for the first time since the WVA secretariat moved to Belgium in 2010. 

The main topics on the agenda of  the Council meeting were the WVA elections and General Assembly 2014, the future organization of the World Veterinary Congress and the WVA policy and position papers on Animal Welfare and One Health Concept.

On 21st March, the WVA secretariat organized an excursion and the WVA Officers and Councillors visited the livestock market and the selection and insemination centre in Ciney and the institute for Tropical Medicine in Antwerp.

The Next meeting of the WVA Council will take place in Singapore in the end of November 2014.