WORLD VETERINARY DAY 2014 - Bangladesh

Bangladesh Livestock Society (BLS) observed World veterinary day ‐2014 By monthly (1st April to 26th April) various events.

The first April the service month was inaugurated with an Animal
exhibition at Rajshahi Kamaruzzaman Square. The RCC Mayor Mohammad Mossadaq Hossain Bulbul opened the festivity of world veterinary day‐2014 by free the pigeon to the air. We arrange the exhibition using the rescue wild animals and birds with the help of wild animal management and nature conservation division, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. BLS president Professor Dr. Md. Jalal Uddin Sarder, Secretary Dr. Md. Hemayatul Islam Arif, Divisional Forest officer Mollaha Rezaul karim, Rajshahi wild animal management and nature conservation division, Projonmo president Subrato Kumar Paul, RU, Deputy Register Md. Alam Hossain Sarker presence at that moment. This day about 300 leaflet about awareness of animal ethics and management to the general daily going people. Python, bear, Wild cat, Parrot, Mayna, Bajrica, and Monkey were in that animal fair. READ MORE…

Click HERE to see the pictures from the WVD 2014 celebration events in Bangladesh