World Veterinary Day Celebrations in Serbia

Veterinarians in Serbia celebrated the World Veterinary Day by organizing the CPD program, this year dedicated to animal welfare.

Marking the small tradition, this event gathered more than 300 members of the Veterinary Chamber of Serbia, in the Congress Center in Vrnja─Źka Banja.

Respecting the importance of animal welfare and the role veterinarians play in it, the VCS invited the guest speaker from WSPA International.
Dr. Joe Anzuino, the WSPA Veterinary Liaison Manager, presented the concept and science of animal welfare, bioethics, animal behavior and legislation.

Dr. Anzuino presented the WSPA approach to animal welfare, and its four main program areas. Word was given to the educational resources WSPA makes available, like the Advanced Concepts in Animal Welfare, and various possibilities of online training.

Dr. Anzuino spoke about the Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare,
the support it gets from the global and regional veterinary organizations and a number of national governments.

WSPA established the partnership with OIE and WVA through signing the Memorandums of Understanding, with the perspective of even more productive cooperation in the field of animal welfare.

Dr. Anzuino's presentation, and the translation by Dr. Zoran Katrinka, was done in a form of a dynamic dialogue, which enticed the audience to participate actively by asking questions and involving in discussion.

At the end of presentation, Dr. Joe Anzuino congratulated the World Veterinary Day to all the veterinarians.