World Veterinary Day – Global Webinar on Animal Welfare

Celebrating the World Veterinary Day 2014, the WVA and the Animal Welfare Unit of the European Commission organized a Global Webinar on Animal Welfare on 29th April 2014.

The Webinar entitled “Veterinary leadership: “Empowering tools for vets in the field of Animal Welfare”, gave the floor to representatives from AVMA, EFSA, EC, FAO, FVE, IVSA, OIE, WAVMA, WSPA, WVA and the regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America to present and discuss different tools available for veterinarians in the different Animal Welfare fields.

The Webinar was attended by veterinarians from all world regions that exchanged comments and ideas on the presentations via an open chat and replied poll questions on various issues related to the Webinar topics.

The report and a link to the recorded Webinar will be published soon on the WVA website.